Teach Kids Differently

Conventional methods of learning aren’t right for every child. But it’s been proven that all kids learn through experience.

Our products aim to give children a visual learning experience like none other by bringing the subject material to life through entertaining films that kids love.

Our Mission: To Make Learning Fun

At EverBright Media, our mission is simple. We're dedicated to celebrating important contributions to the world and making it fun for kids to learn about them. When our team first got together to discuss how kids don't understand the past, we discovered the problem is not the stories themselves—in fact, the stories are incredibly fascinating!  Instead, the problem exists in how kids learn. 

It's widely accepted that kids learn best through experience.  But, unfortunately, the only way too many kids are experiencing many lessons today is by having it force-fed to them through dry text books, monotonous lectures and boring lessons.  On top of that, our children's classes and learning materials are often filled with misrepresentations, including historical inaccuracies, personal biases and political correctness.  

With this knowledge, we set out to create the most experiential learning products ever—ones that would make it easy and fun for kids to understand lessons of the past. 

In everything we do at EverBright Media, we take painstaking steps to address complex concepts in a way that kids can understand, no matter what their grade level or background.  Whether your kids are in public, private or home school, our products will give your kids a great understanding of our past while instilling an unwavering sense of pride as they prepare for the future.  

Every day, as our company grows, we're busy developing new and exciting content for you to share and enjoy with your family. We promise to stay true to our original goal—to provide fun and entertaining content that can be shared at home, on-line or anywhere.