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We created EverBright Kids magazine to make it fun for kids to learn all about the world around them. Each monthly ad-free issue is filled with pages of entertaining hands-on activities, challenging games, animals, historical figures, geographic tours, fun science projects, art contests, and more.  Thousands of children all around the country are enjoying everything that EverBright Kids has to offer.
The Kids Guide is a series of monthly booklets that are designed to give kids a fun and fascinating look at hot topics and current events, as well as the major events that have shaped our nation’s rich history.  Plus, each Kids Guide comes with a fun, animated streaming video lesson and a robust digital workbook that corresponds to the subject material.

Families love our unique video lessons and digital workbook subscriptions.  With lessons available across a variety of underserved subjects including financial literacy, American history, the Bible, and character building, our video lessons captivate children and help them learn in a way that’s fun and easy. And our digital workbooks are the perfect complement, giving parents the ideal way to reinforce the lessons from our videos.