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At EverBright Media, our mission is simple. We aim to make it fun for kids to learn about a wide variety of topics that kids need to know.

When we launched our company, we set out to give kids an easy and fun way to learn and master these topics. Our persistence has paid off; every product we’ve created gives children a visual learning experience like none other by bringing the subject material to life through entertaining films and illustrated printed products that kids love. In a customer survey, we found that 90% of children who’ve used our products enjoy them and 97% remember what they learn!


Kids learn best through experience. With this knowledge, we set out to create the most experiential learning products ever.

In everything we do at EverBright Media, we take painstaking steps to address complex concepts in a way that kids can understand, regardless of their grade level or background. Serving students in public, private, and home school, our products give children a refreshing and entertaining approach to the subjects they need to know.  In fact, our products are so much fun, kids don’t even realize they’re learning!

Every day, we’re busy developing new and exciting content to help families round out their children’s education. After our first decade, we remain true to our original goal—to provide fun and entertaining educational content that can be enjoyed and accessed at home, online or anywhere.